Meditation Techniques for Life (Individual / Group/ Corporate):

This workshop focuses on different kinds of Meditation techniques that you can learn to raise your energy levels and live healthy life at all the levels.

  • Breath Focus Technique
  • Mantra Focus Technique
  • Cleansing 5 elements
    • Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Akash
  • Metta (Loving Meditation)
    • Heart Healing Technique
    • Self Empowerment Technique
    • Inner Child Healing Technique
    • Healing others Technique
    • Earth Healing Technique
  • Visualization Technique
    • Chakra Aligning and Balancing Technique
    • Pure Light healing Technique
    • Belief System Healing Technique
    • Physical healing Technique
    • Releasing Blocked Energies Technique
    • Manifestation Technique
    • “I AM” Meditation Technique
    • Music and Color Healing Technique
    • Secret Place Energising Technique
  • Being Silent Meditation Technique
  • Duration: 5 days (10AM – 11AM)
    Exchange: INR 6000/-
    By Prior appointment only