We all have heard the word Meditation, but very few relate to it. The definition says the Meditation is art of meditating or contemplating but it is more than that. It is state of awareness. To understand it better, Meditation is state of complete inner peace when the conscious mind is silent yet alert. It is process of accessing your subconscious mind which we have almost forgotten to access. This kind of higher level of awareness that we achieve by accessing the powerhouse of our mind through Meditation, can help in creating a different reality or impossible things in our lives which we can call Miracles.

Meditation helps being in the present state rather than dwell in past that cannot be changed or focus on unpredictable future. Thus if are living in ‘Now’, we can be in complete meditative state while doing our day to day work rather than sitting in one posture and thinking hundreds of other things.

In Meditation initially the thoughts will come and go, that will create a gap in between those thoughts. With regular meditation the gaps between the thoughts grows and thoughts will reduce. This will help the mind reach a state of complete awareness without any thoughts. This is the state when the conscious mind will let the unconscious mind to take over.

The benefits of meditation are manifold. It has been studied that people who meditate are able to manage stress in their lives in better manner rather than those who don’t. And it has been mentioned that regular meditating can increase the quality of health as it increases the immunity system, mind concentration, mind clarity. It also improves the inner qualities, enhances our skills and talents, and increases our intuitive abilities, inner strength, and healing ability by connecting us to our inner source of energy.

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