Meditation and Healing Practice for Life (Individual / Group):

You can do meditation practice and learn to silent your mind and to access the higher level of awareness to understand power of your being and enrich your life with beauty of Cosmos.

Regular meditating can increase the quality of health as it increases the immunity system, mind concentration, mind clarity. It also improves the inner qualities, enhances our perception, skills talents. It also increases our intuitive abilities, inner strength, and healing ability by connecting us to our inner source of energy. Thus you can not only achieve peace and ecstasy in your life but you can also serve others by sending high energy to other beings and our planet Earth.

1. Meditation for Beginners

• Breath Focus Meditation
• Mantra Meditation
• Metta (Loving) Meditation
o Inner Child Healing Meditation
o Heart Healing Meditation
• “I AM” Meditation
• Gratitude Meditation
• Visualization Meditation
o Physical healing Meditation
o Earth Healing Meditation
• Relaxation Meditation

• Duration: 60 mins
• Day: Once every Month
• Exchange: INR 500

2. Meditation Advanced Level

Prerequisite: Meditation for Beginners level

• Self Empowerment Meditation
o Empowering characteristics
• Self Healing Meditation
o Self Love Meditation
o Chakra Balancing Meditation
o Forgiveness and Acceptance Meditation
• Healing Others Meditation
o Connection with Others
o Connection with Plants and Animals
• Create Fulfilling Life Meditation
o Being Aware Meditation
o Relaxation Meditation
• Introduction to Green Living ways

• Duration: 60 mins
• Day: Once every Month
• Exchange: INR 1100

II. Kids Empowerment and Meditation
Children are naturally intuitive and can read vibes or the energy levels very naturally. The more they do meditation, the more they become self aware and motivated with increased level of awareness and intuition. Thus teaching meditation can improve these skills and can make them a better human being.
The Children will benefit in many ways like:-
• Believe and Trust own Self
• Develop feelings of Self Esteem and Self Love
• Become Creative and Inspired
• Maintain healthy relationship with self, family and the world
• Heal the Physical and Emotional Self
• Develop ‘No-Limit’ attitude and Gratitude towards life
• Become Empowered and take charge of own life

1. Kids Meditation Beginners (8yrs onward):
• Power of Thoughts and Words
• Concept of Energy
• Pranayam / Power of Breathing
• Power of Mantra Meditation
• Power of Love (Heart Healing)
• Gratitude Meditation
• ‘I AM’ Meditation
• Power of Laughter
• Relaxation Meditation

• Duration: 60 mins
• Day: Once every Month
• Exchange: INR 500

2. Kids Meditation Advanced (8yrs onwards):
Prerequisite: Kids Meditation Beginners Level Complete
• Power of Listening
• Body Talking Meditation
• Being Painter Meditation (Visualization)
• Chakra Balancing Meditation
• Connecting with Others Meditation
• Charge Water and Food for Healthy lifestyle
• Green Living habits
• Relaxation Exercise

• Duration: 60 mins
• Day: Once every month
• Exchange: INR 500