Kids Empowerment and Meditation Techniques (Individual/ Group / Schools for 8yr onwards):

Children are naturally intuitive and can read vibes or the energy levels very naturally. Thus with little practice we can teach them to become self reliant and motivated beings. Meditation can help in increasing their level of awareness and intuition, which can help them in different facets of life. Thus teaching meditation can make them genuine human beings.

A Child benefits in many ways that are defined below:-
• Believe and Trust own Self
• Develop feelings of Self Esteem and Self Love
• Become Creative and Inspired
• Maintain healthy relationship with self, family and the world
• Heal the Physical and Emotional Self
• Develop ‘No-Limit’ attitude and Gratitude towards life
• Become Empowered and take charge of own life

• Power of Thoughts and Words
• Concept of Energy
• Cleansing 5 elements
• Pranayam / Power of Breathing
• Power of Mantra
• Power of Love (Heart Healing)
• Gratitude Techniques
• Power of Listening
• Body Talking
• Being Painter
• Power of Laughter
• ‘I AM’ Meditation
• Chakra Balancing Exercise
• Relaxation Exercise

• Duration: 5 days (10AM – 11AM)
• Exchange: 5000/-
• By Prior appointment